Instruction in English

This week our riding instructors and students have been teaching in English. They have even talked to the horses in English the whole week, and some of them claim that they have started to dream in English.

Ina Johanne Wøien and Caruso look forward to welcome European riding friends at Starum next week. Photo: Kari Hustad
Skrevet av Kari Hustad,  21.02.2014

- Loosen up your thighs and knees, Hanne Dahl Lien shouts to the students in the indoor school at Starum. The occasion is the visit from the members of EEN (European Equestrian Network). About 25 instructors and students from equestrian education institutions in Finland, Sweden, France, Portugal, Germany and Great Britain arrive at Starum next week.Hanne Dahl Lien in the riding school As a part of the program, some of the NHS-students will give riding lessons to the foreign students, so that's why Hanne & co have been practicing in English this week. Do you wonder how it sounds?
Take a look at this little video

There are a lot of important topics to discuss when riding instructors from many European countries have the chance to meet. Before the meeting, there is also a lot of practical questions that have be answered. For example- our Portugese friends, who have no experience of snow and ice, wondered if they should bring with them an arctic diving suit, to get keep out the cold.  

There will also be a social program during the three days, and on the agenda is a sleigh ride with our four black dølahorses. With all the snow that we have had the last few days, we hope to show our foreign guests a part of Norwegian equine culture.